Based out of San Diego, California, Barbwire brings a powerful-high-octane energy to the dance floor. If you love to line dance you will be hooked on their powerful driving beat. Anyone who enjoys the two-step will appreciate Barbwireโ€™s solid chops and when its time to get close to your partner, youโ€™re going to get lost in the moment.

Cha-chaโ€™s, ten steps, waltzโ€™s, red-neck angel, power jams and electric slide are just some of the dances you will see at a Barbwire show. Playing a great mix of current country, red dirt country, time tested classics and some good ol American rock you can count on Barbwire to put a smile on your face and boots on the dance floor.


Vocals, Guitar / James Cramer
Lead Guitar / Blayne Marleaux

Fiddle & Pedal Steel / Tom Dillon

Bass / Arne Madruga
Drums / John Mueller


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Barbwire on Tour

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Long Hard Ride

by Barbwire

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